About Me

I am an artist working in Prague. I work primary in acrylics and oil, often employing bold colours and provocative archetypes  to engage the audience in emotive sensual experience. 

Growing up in the countryside I used to spend endless hours observing horses and other animals. I was astonished by the grace of their bodies and movements. Later on I became fascinated by the beauty of female body which was personalized in my first art teacher Alina. I drew millions of glamorous  perfect models on every surface available. When I became a teenager I was used to draw love stories where couples went for a date in sophisticated clothes. Their bodies postures would tell it all.  

My work tends to focus on human emotion, pulchritude of the body, archetypes and relationship between objects on the canvas. 

Drawing my inspiration from accidental destined encounters, my dreams, visions that come to my brain when I talk to certain people I use oil and acrylics to express it in material world. 

 It wasn’t until moving to Prague from Belarus and starting to paint again after some break that I truly realized the power of connecting to my inner self and got in state where the elusive psyche archetypes reveal themselves. Constantly exploring body, expression and emotion I saw it vividly though female energy play and relationship with objects of real life and its transformation. Vitality and fear, captivating sexuality and coldness of morning breath, fragility and power, aggression and fertility.